Spring finally won its tug of war with winter, and warmer days began to prevail. David slipped on his boots and raincoat and ventured out into the drizzling mist to inspect his little garden. He scanned the soil, looking for some sign of growth, but the dismal sky hindered his visibility. David’s intense concentration was suddenly interrupted by a faint clanking sound in the distance. He remembered that his father was in the barn fixing the tractor. David decided to talk things over with his father.

“Hey, Dad,” David asked in an inquisitive voice, “Are you sure something will grow in my garden? I feel like digging up the seeds to see if anything is happening.” David’s dad replied, “I realize you are anxious to see something, son, but if you disturb the seed, it might not grow. Be patient and don’t give up. Before you know it, plants will start sprouting up through the ground. God taught people the ways of life thousands of years ago. When we follow his instructions, we are guaranteed great results. When God gives a promise, he makes it happen, too. God doesn’t lie or change his mind.” “Do you mean God is a farmer too,” David inquired? “Oh yes,” David’s father confidently replied, chuckling. “You see, son, God is faithful.” Then David asked, “What does faithful mean?” David’s father put down his hammer and sat on a bail of hay. “Faithful means trustworthy. We can trust God. He means what he says and says what he means.” David’s dad stood up and walked over to the wall of the barn where he stored the gardening tools. He grabbed a wooden-handled shovel and brought it back to David. “Here, David, grab the top of the handle and lean on the shovel.” David put all his weight onto the handle, but the shovel did not bend. “Wow!” David exclaimed, “This shovel is sturdy.” “That is how sturdy God is. We can lean on him and trust that he is faithful. He will never let us down,” David’s father shared. David leaned on the shovel again, then looked at his dad with assurance. “Now I get it!”

David and his dad looked through the open door of the barn. The sun began to come out, and rainbow-like colors reflected through the thinning fog. David politely excused himself while his father went back to working on the tractor. As David left the barn, something inside him said, “Why don’t you take one more look at your garden.” David headed back to the field, briefly stopping to slosh through a few puddles on the way. Filled with curiosity, he reinspected his small plot of land. There, shimmering in the sunlight, was a tiny bright green sprout peering through the soil’s surface. David squinted, then stooped down for a better look. Could it be? After one more confirming glance, he rushed back to the barn, this time bypassing the puddles.

“Dad, Dad,” he cried, “Guess what? I just saw a small green sprout coming out of the ground in my garden!” David’s father glanced at his son affectionately. “David, you saw two remarkable things today. One is the young green plant. And the second but most important thing is God’s faithfulness.” “You are so right, Dad,” David exclaimed. “God is the best farmer in the whole world!” David’s father nodded his head in agreement and chuckled again. David leaned on the shovel once more, then skipped out of the barn toward the house to report the good news to his mother.