The God Place is a deliberate positioning and designation of one’s heart and mind to engage in the presence of God. God is all about a relationship, not religion. He promises to deliver whoever calls out to him for help. He rescues and relieves us from stress, whether it is petty or profound. He guides us in discovering and fulfilling our purpose. He gives us peace and desires for us to enjoy a wholesome, healthy and prosperous life.

The God Place, Inc. provides resources that promote an intimate relationship with the Creator of the universe whereby the whoever is encouraged to seek and cultivate a direct connection with the living God.

We invite you to inquire, advance, and flourish in the things of God. Explore, discover, experience, and share the multifaceted benefits of your heavenly Father. The result will be a noticeable enrichment of your life and the community of those around you.

Welcome to the God Place.

THE GOD PLACE book by Bob Gassman


The God Place: Finding Peace and Enjoying Life In A Stressful World is your guide to be rescued from the pressure, pain, and worry of modern living. Through practical insights and scriptural foundations, author Bob Gassman shares timeless truths for overcoming your troubles. By taking simple steps to deepen your relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth, you will find the strength you need to achieve lasting tranquility and connect with your true purpose.

The God Place is your rejuvenating guidebook for reclaiming and reviving your restful spirit. If you like clear actions, faith-based answers, and patient guidance, then you will love Bob Gassman’s enlightening resource.

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The “Whoever”

“Whoever” is defined as anyone and everyone. They are the purpose and object of God’s divine love. When it comes to God, no one is a nobody, and everyone is a somebody. God is impartial. It is his nature to love the “whoever.” There are degrees to which a “whoever” may respond to the invitation of God. As they grow in believing and receiving the things of God, they will experience a greater reality of his presence in their lives.

“Whoever” is a pure expression. It transcends any barriers and restrictions which humankind imposes and opens the highway for a direct connection with the Creator of heaven and earth.

With billions of “whoevers” occupying the planet, God’s attentive ear is always listening for the heart-cry of just one soul. He responds to “whoever” is seeking him. He is very well pleased with those who believe in him and expect to receive all that he has to give them.

God loves you, the “whoever.”

How will you respond?


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