This website page is dedicated to discovering and communicating God’s heart regarding receiving and giving. This heart is presented through fictional narratives. As we learn, understand, and apply the truths embedded in these articles, we will be thrilled as we realize that they produce the same results they did a thousand years ago. God’s truths penetrate all boundaries. His truths show no partiality to the “whoever.” One must first receive in order to have something to give and share.

God’s heart on receiving and giving is misunderstood and therefore controversial. True giving is a loving and joyful recognition and response to God’s blessings on our lives. It is never intended to be an act of obligation. The Scriptures approach this concept more times than the subjects of prayer and faith combined. God’s benefits are worth exploring. He uses the words rejoicing, cheerfulness, bountiful blessings, prosperity, success and thanksgiving to describe his wisdom about this vital concern.

Featured Articles

God’s Heart on Receiving and Giving – Part 1

David suddenly awoke as the first rays of sunlight peered through his window. He rubbed his eyes for a moment, then sprang from his bed and quickly got dressed. Enthusiasm swelled in his heart as he thought about the bag of seeds given to him by his father​….

God’s Heart on Receiving and Giving – Part 2

It was a crisp April morning. David wanted to check on his newly planted seeds. His mother said, “Let’s eat some breakfast first, then you can go out to the field. David’s mother served a hot steaming bowl of oatmeal with diced apples, walnuts, cinnamon​…


God’s Heart on Receiving and Giving – Part 3

Spring finally won its tug of war with winter, and warmer days began to prevail. David slipped on his boots and raincoat and ventured out into the drizzling mist to inspect his little garden. He scanned the soil, looking for some sign of growth, but the dismal sky…



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