The God Place: Finding Peace and Enjoying Life In A Stressful World is your guide to be rescued from the pressure, pain, and worry of modern living. Through practical insights and scriptural foundations, author Bob Gassman shares timeless truths for overcoming your troubles. By taking simple steps to deepen your relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth, you will find the strength you need to achieve lasting tranquility and connect with your true purpose.

The God Place is your rejuvenating guidebook for reclaiming and reviving your restful spirit. If you like clear actions, faith-based answers, and patient guidance, then you will love Bob Gassman’s enlightening resource.

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Stress is a response to an event, condition, experience, or other stimulus. These stressors may be mental, physical, or spiritual and arise from both internal and external circumstances. Examples in today’s world include: financial concerns, the demands of longer work-related hours combined with increasing expectations, challenges of family relationships and the crippling fear of what the future holds. God’s solutions are answers of how to overcome problems and situations according to his resources and guidance.

The word “stress” rarely appears in most translations of the Bible. It evolved around the 1300’s and is, in part, a shortening of the Middle English word “distress.” Therefore, stress is a derivative of distress, a word frequently used in the Scriptures. We can rely on this biblical foundation as we explore the important topic of overcoming stress through God’s solutions.




God is a God of peace. Peace encompasses safety, soundness, quietness and health, tranquility and prosperity. It embraces joy, love, grace, and mercy and defines the relationship of the God of truth. Peace is an inner quality.

Surrounding circumstances may be chaotic, but peace declares, “All is well.” We neither want to lose our peace nor have it taken from us. Staying connected to the God of peace will calm us in the storms of life and rescue us from our times of trouble.




God designed life to be enjoyed. Life exists from the microscopic level all the way to eternity. It is vast. Enjoyment is associated with quietness and rest. It involves receiving all God’s good gifts. He delights to bless us so that we are happy and have merry hearts. The key to enjoying life is discovering a relationship with the Creator of all good things. He is a joyful and living God, the God of life.

You are God’s dream. He made heaven and earth for you. He breathed life into you so that you can enjoy life. You are awesomely and wonderfully made. You hold a special place in his heart. How exciting it is to recognize his hand on your life. Enjoy the ride but enjoy it with the God of joy.



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