Let go of Stress

What if I went with a hunch that you are reading this article because you are looking for real answers which effectively work when practiced. Would I be right? Many people, just like you and me, want to know how to break free from the shackles of stress.

Stress affects everyone: young and old, rich and poor, male and female, every race, every nationality, and every culture. It is an equal opportunity destroyer; nobody is immune. Life can be overwhelming. Daily conflicts can fester into mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical storms. The instability of our world contributes to more pressures.

We are seeking solutions. We need a light to lead us from our troubles to peace. The world offers its opinions and wisdom in the area of stress reduction. There are many treatments to remedy our problems. Recommendations include medications, exercise programs, bio-feedback techniques, and psychosocial therapies—everything from yogurt to yoga. But stressful issues are not just rooted in the psychological or physiological realms. They also involve spiritual matters. Have you ever considered exploring God’s solutions? They can be, quite literally, life-saving. We do not need to be victims of stress.

One Sunday morning, I was walking our dog around the block.  A neighbor came out of her house with her dog and strolled alongside me. She mentioned she had to hurry and get ready to go to church. As we walked, she casually asked, “So what are you doing today?” I told her  I planned to sit with God and ask him for direction on some matters, and also to read a book about the soul.

She said, “My soul is not at peace.”

I waited.

“My husband and I are facing some decisions. We think maybe a change in geography might relieve some of our stress.”

“Do you think changing locations will change what is going on in your heart?” I asked. God prompted me to say a bit more: “Perhaps God is using your present situation to invite you into a deeper relationship with him. Maybe that includes moving, or maybe not: if you go to God about these decisions, he will provide clear direction and make your path smooth.”

“How do you go to God?” she asked.

“Well, you could sit with him and share what is on your mind. It’s about a relationship, not a formula. Allow God’s peace to rule over your heart. Peace is a gauge for making the right decision.”

She replied, “These words are making my soul feel 100 pounds lighter!” (And she is a petite woman!) She stopped in her tracks, stared at me, and asked, “Do you mean I don’t need to go to church to meet with God?”

I explained that God is present and available 24/7, anytime, and anywhere. Location and time do not restrict him.

She confided that she felt guilty skipping church and was worried that God would not be pleased.

My neighbor is like millions of “whoevers” around the world. They are seekers on a journey to find The God Place.

Our quest to seek God provides rich dividends that can prove to be an everyday experience. These benefits include discovering the path that leads to the unfolding revelation of God’s solution to our stress.

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