Receiving and Giving Article Part 2, The God Place

It was a crisp April morning. David wanted to check on his newly planted seeds. His mother said, “Let’s eat some breakfast first, then you can go out to the field. David’s mother served a hot steaming bowl of oatmeal with diced apples, walnuts, cinnamon, and a splash of maple syrup. “Mother,” David said, “Dad told me all good things come from God.” “That’s right.”David’s mother replied. “Think about it this way. The oats grew in the ground, and the apples, cinnamon, and walnuts grew on trees. Even the syrup came from a tree. “Wow!” David exclaimed. “All good things do come from  God.”

“God owns everything from the highest of the heavens to the depths of the earth.” David’s mother explained. When we understand that God is the owner of everything and that he has entrusted us to take care of those things, then we will enjoy life to the fullest. God continually reminds of his presence and generosity everywhere we look. Our hearts stay thankful as we remain aware of his goodness.”

David thought about what his mother shared, then asked, “Why do people brag about how wealthy they are and how they earned it through their hard work and ability?” His mother pondered a moment, then responded, “Either they don’t know, or they have forgotten that God gives strength, talents, and the opportunity to get wealth. God prospers us, so we don’t want to take the credit and glory by saying, ‘Look what we earned,’ and, ‘It’s all ours.’ Anytime we receive something good, it serves to remind us that God owns everything. God shows us the way to prosperity. He instructs us how to succeed and abound through receiving and giving. It brings God great pleasure when we practice his wisdom. He desires for us to prosper in everything and enjoy his bountiful provision. As a result, we thank him, not ourselves.”

As David glanced at his hearty breakfast, he silently prayed a prayer of gratitude. Somehow breakfast seemed especially tastier and gratifying. With a full belly and joyful heart, David put on his jacket and went outside to inspect his seeds. There was no evidence of growth, so David went back to the house and gave his mother the update.

“Nothing is growing,”sighed David. “Oh yes, something is growing,” affirmed his mother. “You just can’t see it quite yet.”